Extra services

Dry Cleaning

All garments are cleaned to a high specification using top of the range spotting agents for maximum stain removal. All garments are cleaned to the specification of the garment manufacturers cleaning instructions on the inner labels.

Garments suitable for dry cleaning are marked by the symbol

symbolsWe can accept garments with an symbolbut these garments take longer to process and an extra charge will be incurred. Garments marked symbolare not suitable for dry cleaning but we can still wash those items and press as usual.

Ironing and Laundry

Our ironing service is charged per kilo for items that are pressed and folded or hung.

Wash and Fold

Service wash charged per kilo and washed, dried and folded.

Wash, Iron and Fold

Again, items charged per kilo, usually sheets, duvet covers etc. These are washed, pressed and folded into a breathable bag.

Dry Only Service

Available for all garments suitable for tumble drying and charged per kilo.

Shirt Laundry

Shirts are laundered, pressed and returned on a wire hanger. We can provide a fold service at a small extra charge. There is also a starching service available.

Duvet and Pillow Cleaning

It is recommended to launder a duvet every six months due to build up of dust mites and their faeces which can be responsible for triggering allergies in some people.

Duvets, both polyester and feather are washed at 40°C in Ariel anti-bacterial detergent along with a fabric conditioner. This ensures 99.9% of bacteria including MRSA & E-coli are killed. After drying these items we recomend storing them in a breathable duvet cover available from us at a small extra cost. We recomend that duvets are not stored in plastic bags as this can promote moisture and mould growth in fabric.

NB: Non-bio detergent or customers own powder can be used on request.

Press Only Service

This service is for garments that can be washed by the customer but prove difficult to press, for example washable jackets, trousers, dresses etc. All garments must be washed prior to depositing.

Alterations and Repairs

We offer an extensive fitting and tailoring service for garments and also undertake the alteration and repair of curtains and household items and much, much more.

We offer a zip replacement service (only zip pullers need to be replaced) and can also restyle jackets, trousers, dresses, evening dresses and wedding dresses. A full fitting service is provided with a fitting room facility.

Collection and Return Service

We are able to collect and return dry cleaning and laundry orders Free for all orders over £12