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Elderly care laundry services

We will collect laundry from your home, wash, dry, fold and deliver it back. The Laundry service is one of our core services which is available for elderly and disabled people.
Senior laundry services guarantee that your elderly family members always rest in a comfortable, freshly-made bed and don clean, soft clothing. Our services cover the Milton Keyenes area. While laundry might appear straightforward for many, seniors often face challenges in efficiently managing this task. By engaging the services of a laundry provider, you relieve the burden of laundry, enabling your senior loved one to maintain a hygienic lifestyle without their physical limitations hindering them.
Getting the weekly laundry and ironing done, including bedding and towels, can be a real chore, especially when you’re not as nimble on your feet as you used to be and your mobility is restricted. Why not take advantage of our elderly care laundry services? This great laundry service means we’ll arrange regular collection and delivery of laundry and our friendly uniformed drivers provide a trusted service to housebound and elderly residents. Picking up whatever you require laundered and returning the fresh, clean and pressed package
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