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Does your room no longer smell as fresh as it used to, and have a carpet noticeably less bright than when it was fitted?

Stains, marks or general dirt can make a carpet look faded and can reduce the appearance of a whole room. Carpets have also been criticised for being unhygienic as they trap bacteria, pollen, shed skin, mould spores and allergens in their fibres which vacuuming alone can never remove. But carpets also provide an effective filter for these nasties if they are deep-cleaned regularly – removing them from your home.

The most cost-effective way to deep-clean your carpet is to rent a carpet cleaner which Rug Doctor makes easy and convenient!

Rug Doctor has worked for over 30 years developing and refining the best in carpet and upholstery cleaning machines and cleaning products on the market today. With availability in over 20 countries, Rug Doctor is a world leader in carpet care.

Rug Doctor takes a different approach to stain removal from those products claiming ‘one solution does it all’. At Rug Doctor, we know one-solution cleaning is impossible, because different stains attach themselves in different ways to carpet fibres and require specific solutions for effective removal, that’s why we have a range of stain removal carpet cleaning solutions for all your carpet stains.

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