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Top 3 Moth Tips

…that nobody ever tells you!

Moths don’t eat your clothes – the Moth larvae does! Moths in your home are a problem… but addressing this problem alone is not enough because it’s the larvae which are going to munch through your valuable cashmere and carpets! This is when they are at the destructive stage of their life cycle. Get rid of the Moths AND the larvae and keep them away with Acana Moth Killers to be free from Moth damage!

Don’t bunch your clothes together! Always try to leave a gap between clothes in your wardrobe (it’s the Moth Larvae doing the damage and they can easily move from one garment to the other when clothes are bunched tightly together – they don’t have wings at this stage!). If you can’t leave a space between clothing Moth Killers & Deterrents are even more important, and Peva Garment Covers provide another level of Moth protection in the wardrobe (for the ultimate protection use Covers with a Moth Sachet inside). Why would you leave this to chance?!

Remember to protect your rugs and carpets! They’re some of the most expensive items in your home, make use of a discreet Carpet Moth Trap to give you a first alert to Carpet Moths and Beetles. Protect with Acana Carpet and Fabric Moth Killer Spray – start on an inconspicuous area of the carpet and then continue to spray throughout – for rugs spray on the back of the rug and if storing place Acana Moth Sachets inside with the rug as you roll it up. This is because when rolled up into a tube the back of the rug (now facing outwards) has absorbed the Carpet Spray, and if any Moths get in from the end the Sachets will be there to kill the eggs.

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