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Dry Cleaning of curtains not only gives a new lease of life to the fabric but freshens the look of the room they are hanging in. Regular cleaning of curtains, pelmets (6 monthly or at least once a year) also minimises any allergic reactions as cleaning process kills dust mites and numerous other bacteria. Removing the dust also brings a curtain back to life.

Curtains come in all different sizes and thicknesses but we have exceptional experience in cleaning all types of them.

Our professional curtain cleaning is offered at competitive prices. Use of specialist soaps during cleaning ensures that curtains are revived to the full extent. All curtains are individually pressed on heavy duty press to provide seamless ironing. Lastly, curtains are packaged awaiting collection.

Curtains are priced by weight depending on lining, type of material & their condition. It is strongly advised to take all hooks off before bringing them for cleaning, as hooks damage curtains.


Please note dampness and mould marks on curtains could be improved but they very rarely disappear as they usually accumulate over months or even years and it is impossible to remove them in one clean.

per pair

Excludes interlined and blackout lined curtains.

Max Size 66″/1.68m x 66″/1.68m

per pair

Excludes interlined and blackout lined curtains.

Max Size 89″/2.28m x 89″/2.28m

Curtain FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

The first time curtains are cleaned there is a possibility that they could shrink by 3-5%. Most curtains are made to allow for this if it does happen.

Blackout lining or plastic backed lining can shred when either washed or dry cleaned. The backing is attached to the lining using adhesive and over time the sun can degrade the adhesive. This means when washed or dry cleaned the plastic backing flakes off. We will talk you through the risks of cleaning your curtains when you bring them to us.

We can usually clean your curtains in 3-4 days.

We would always recommend that all curtains in a set are cleaned at the same time. Removing the dust will brighten the curtain and they will look different when hung together

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