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Wax Jacket Cleaning

We meticulously inspect every garment by hand using time-honored techniques. Each item undergoes a rigorous detailing process before we apply wax and subject it to double-heat treatment, guaranteeing a superior finish.


If you have ever looked on the internet for wax jacket cleaning you will have seen countless forum discussions about not washing or dry cleaning. This is because re-waxing and reproofing is a specialist job since a wax jacket cannot be dry cleaned in the normal way, and washing with detergents will ruin the wax and proofing.

Due to the nature of these items, wax jacket treatment should only be undertaken by a specialist.

We take care in cleaning your wax jackets to the highest standards before beginning the re-waxing service, which is entirely applied by hand.


When we receive your wax jacket, it is checked all over before the old layer of wax is removed and is then thoroughly cleaned. Once cleaned, a fresh layer of wax is evenly applied to the garment, taking great care to avoid the collar, zips and other fastenings before it is re-proofed. It is the re-proofing that ensures the wax is watertight.

The first thing you will notice when you receive your wax jacket back is that the colour brightness has been restored to its original condition; it will look as good as new. Your jacket will now be beautifully protected from grime and dirt because the wax traps it and prevents any muck from penetrating into the fabric. The wax also protects the fabric from sunlight.

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Wax Finishes

Basic / Fashion Wax

  1. This is a basic wax dressing and has little or no sticky oily finish, ideal for the modern wax cotton jacket / garment.

Silk-oil Wax finish

This finish is the most popular, it does have a little sticky finish/touch, but this does settle down after a few weeks and is ideal for more outdoor use, it gives a very good water-resistant finish.

Heavy Wax Finish

This finish can be very sticky and has an oily touch, this will give as close to WATER-PROOF that's possible, but not guaranteed, Not advisable to be worn as other than outdoor clothing, Ideal for riding coats and full-length Stockman's not suitable for casual/fashion use.


At Stony Dry Cleaners, we specialise in cleaning various types and styles of wax jackets. Our reproofing service is applicable to all brands of wax jackets. We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards, ensuring trustworthiness and reliability at a very reasonable price. Experience a fast and dependable service with us.

All Manufactures

From Belstaff, Barbour, Drizabone, Filson, John Partridge, Musto

Repairs and Diagnostics

We offer you a Re-waxing service that is both fast and reliable. As standard each item is inspected individually and a decision is then made on how to process each item and to choose the most appropriate cleaning methods for your garments.

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