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Household Items

Effortlessly remove stains from your curtains and household items with our expert dry cleaning services.

Types of Cleaning

You wouldn’t put certain items in a washing machine and neither do we. Similarly dry-cleaning may not be enough for heavily soiled items. At Stony Dry Cleaners we wash and dry-clean all types of house hold items to a high standard but most importantly we care for them as well.

This means that we use our vast experience and expert judgement to select the most appropriate form of cleaning for each of the items you send us. We also consider the suitability of the item to withstand the cleaning process it’s self. Curtains for example may often require dry cleaning particularly if lined, but rugs or car mats will normally require a more vigorous machine clean.

Our Care Promise

We always take the upmost care of the items that you send to us. Of course nobody can guarantee that mishaps won’t happen, but it’s good to know that our staff are all highly trained to spot items that may need special attention. If we have any doubts about subjecting any of your items to our cleaning process will aim to contact you in advance to check how you wish to proceed

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