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From specialists dry-cleaning services, to mixed wash laundry, ironing and even garment repairs. At Stony Dry Cleaners we offer a complete solution, to your laundry and cleaning needs

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Core Services

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Dry Cleaning Service

Pristine cleaning, pressed to perfection and our prices include our fast, free collection and delivery. * We dry-clean…
  • Suits & Jackets
  • Dresses Skirts
  • Duets & Bed-sets
  • Curtains & soft furnishings
  • Leather jackets & bike suits

Ironing Service

Say goodbye to the wash day blues and that pile of ironing with our low cost ironing services We press …

  • Shirts
  • Staff uniforms
  • Table clothes
  • Hotel linen
  • Some thing else
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Laundry Service

We wash all commercial and domestic laundry
We wash…

  • Duvet’s and Bed sets
  • Shirts & Blouses
  • Trousers
  • Jackets
  • Service washes

Garment Repairs & Alterations

Have your favourite clothes gotten smaller over? We can take-up, let-in (or out), repair or re-stitch * We taylor
  • Suits & Jackets
  • Dresses Skirts
  • Formal wear & military uniforms
  • Wedding dresses
  • Some thing else
alterations & repairs

Specialist Service

Wedding Dresses

We know that for most women their most loved garment is often their wedding dress and so when it comes to cleaning you’ll be pleased to know that we offer a full range of care and cleaning services.

Suede & Leather

Many people love the look, feel and smell of genuine leather in fact most home have many different items manufactured from leather but as a natural or living product

Canada Goose


We clean your Canada Goose using a completely non-toxic, 100% environmentally friendly process which not only beautifully cleans but leaves no unwanted chemical odours

Wax Jacket Cleaning

When your wax jacket gets dirty, the soiling remains on the top layer of the jacket. During the cleaning process all of the wax on the jacket is stripped, so it needs to be replaced.

After cleaning the wax is melted and the dress reapplied, paying particular attention to seams where water can permeate. We recommend having your wax jacket professionally cleaned and re-waxed every year.

Rug Cleaning

At Stony Dry Cleaners all rugs are cleaned in specialist rug cleaning workshop

Formal Dresses & Evening Wear

We love cleaning almost as much as you love your clothes! Ok hands up, that’s not true…. but we do particularly enjoy cleaning elaborate and fine quality garments such as formal dresses & evening wear, or military parade uniforms, so if you’re looking for dry cleaner who will really care for the garments that are most special to you, then try a our superior service just once, and compare it to your experiences elsewhere[

Core Services

Household soft furnishings

We clean all types of household items and soft furnishings such as; curtains & valences, throws, rugs & mats, bed spreads, tablecloths, blinds in fact if it’s soft to the touch and needs a good clean, we can probably help


Double & King size duets are often too large a load for a domestic washing machine. We clean all types of duvets from natural down-filled to synthetic fibre-stuffed duvets and we can wash and dry your whole families bedding in a single day. We collect first thing and make sure we deliver, long before you put your children to bed

Curtain Cleaning

Whether it’s a single pair of curtains or elaborate swags and tails, we have the expertise to restore them to their former glory.


We offer s specialist dry cleaning service for suits and tailored garments cut from any type of cloth, even delicate fabrics. This means that whatever instructions are displayed on the care label of your formal garments, Stony dry cleaners will ensure they under-go the suitable process that will care for your clothes as well as cleaning them.

Rug Doctor Self-Hire Carpet Cleaning Machines

Protect your investment from wall to wall with a 24 hour rental of the markets leading rental machine.

Your carpet serves as a magnet that collects a variety of pollutants from various sources. Indoor sources include radiators, pets, rubbish bins as well as smoke & food particles. Outdoor sources include pollen & spores from trees, plants & other vegetation as well as exhaust fumes from cars, fireplaces & barbecues. It is estimated that 80% of all carpet soil comes from matter tracked in from outside.

Frequent vacuuming helps considerably, but nothing replaces the kind of deep down clean Rug Doctor provides. The combination of vibrating brush and penetrating spray gives astonishing results, leaving your carpets and soft furnishings clean, fresh & soft to the touch.

Shirt Service

dry cleaning

Hate doing shirts? Then use our popular shirt service where we will wash, dry, iron and hang your shirts.

Every shirt undergoes pre-inspection, grading and treatment, before being finished meticulously finished by hand. The shirt service also includes dress shirts, silk or couture shirts.

We can fold or starch shirts too – just request when you drop them off. We also provide a iron only service for shirts.

Sports Kits

If you’re involved in team sports you’ll have probably seen for yourself the dirty great pile of laundry that is created from just a single match and if you’ve ever served your community as a team manger or club secretary you might well know about the wear that heavily soiled kits may cause to your domestic washing machine.

Free Collection & Delivery

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We were one of Milton Keynes’s first cleaners to offer collection and delivery services, so we’ve had the time to get things right. That means consistent logistical reliability, simple scheduling and payment systems

Industries serviced


We’re the only provider in Milton Keynes to offer FREE delivery and collection

If you’ve never used a Rug Doctor ™ you probably don’t know how easy it it to revitalise your carpets and bring back the shine to hard floor coverings. Rug Doctor is the market-leader carpet cleaner and we stock a full range of carpet shampoos and stain removal products made specifically for this machine.

So weather you’re a home owner and you’d like to freshen your carpets, or a tenant about to move out hire the Rug Doctor from Stony Dry Cleaners for a Floorless clean everytime.

  • Price shown based on 48hr hire (includes 1 litre cleaning chemicals) – was £38.98 now £32.99 also available 24hr hire – was £32.98 now just £27.99
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