Suede & Leather

We clean all types of house hold items from duvets and bedding to curtains, throws and rugs

Leather Care

Many people love the look, feel and smell of genuine leather in fact most home have many different items manufactured from leather but as a natural or living product, leather requires specialist care a cleaning which can help to prolong the life of your leather goods and help to keep them looking beautiful and prevent cracking

Suede Cleaning

Suede is a popular choice for many types of garments and other household items as it’s durable and offers attractive natural tones but to care for suede properly is a specialist task which requires some skill, some dedicated equipment and a little know-how.

At Stony Dry Cleaners we use our vast experience to care for all manner suede items. Our prices for suede cleaning are among the most competitive in town and as with all our other cleaning services we offer free collection and delivery